Senin, 16 April 2012

How To Create More Leads As An Insurance Agent

Generating leads is one of the most important aspects of being a successful insurance agent. Without leads, how will you know who to go to when you want to make a sale? While some leads may not work out, they are a great start and they can lead to even more leads. Here are five awesome ways to create more leads as an insurance agent.
In real estate, the buzz word is "location." But as an insurance agent, the word "network" is the most important word to remember. Networking involves meeting with local business people and creating relationships with them over time. These business people aren't your leads, but you can educate them on what you do and they can provide leads for you. Of course, it should be a give and take situation so if you have any leads that they can go on, you should be providing those as well.
Making Cold Calls
This may be the least fun way of generating sales leads for an insurance agent, but it can also be very effective. Cold calls are when you just start calling people, either from a list of prospective clients that you've received or just by looking them up in the phone book. This can create some surprising results if you are persistent enough. And even if you don't get any leads from it, you still get a lot of practice with your sales pitch and talking to people.
Host a Seminar
Seminars are a great place to generate leads. If you're an ambitious sales agent, there's a good chance that you've spoken at a few seminars during your career. But instead of just speaking at a few of them, why not host your own? This allows you the flexibility to create an event with your existing customers and you can encourage them to bring their friends which can be great sales leads for you. It also gives you a great deal of credibility. Just remember to leave the major sales pitch until the end of the presentation or you may turn some people off before you even get started.
Volunteer in Your Community
When generating leads for your insurance company, it's not always about business. Sometimes you simply have to give back to the community through your volunteer efforts. Look for events throughout your community that utilize your skills and talents and donate your time. As you volunteer, you will build relationships with people that can eventually lead to new sales leads.
Offer Incentives to Current Clients
As an insurance sales agent, you probably have a list of satisfied clients already. Why not tap into that to generate more sales leads? You can offer your current clients incentives for providing names of their friends or family members who may also be interested in the products and services that you are selling.
These five suggestions for generating more sales leads have proven to be successful for many insurance sales agents and they can work for you, too. Try to implement them in your strategies and see if you notice a difference.